Our Services 

Dog walks

Whether a solo or pack walk - we can provide a stimulating and exiting adventure for your beloved pup. Our walks are usually 60 mins but feel free to ask for more if needed! 
We offer road, woodland or field walks depending on the needs of the dogs that day and have safe transportation for your dog. 

60'mins Solo walk  -  £22 (with an additional dog for £8) 

30'mins Solo walk  - £15 (with an additional dog for £8) 

60-90min group walk - £18 (with an additional dog £8) 


Dog/Puppy drop ins

Doggy drop ins enable us to the drop in on your pet throughout the day for wee breaks, playtime, to administer medication or just for cuddles! 
Minimum time is 15 minutes and prices start at £8 

"My little man loved going out for walks with Hannah. Hannah will go above and beyond to accommodate and the late night walks were a real life savour when my little one was a baby !!"

Laura Helen